Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Just more pictures...

I have not planted a single veggie into the ground yet, but from these pictures, you can see some of the progress I am making. Using lots of "recycled" materials, I am constructing planters, a huge, 2-stage composting bin, walkways, and a rainwater reclamation/recycling system so I don't have to use the heavily treated city water supply and pay the large water bills.

I'm going to re-route all of my gutters to drain into 55 gallon drums which will then be piped through soaker hoses to all of the different sections of the garden. I have some ideas for using wind power to create stores of compressed air to be used for pressurizing the water to assist wherever gravity won't cut it.

I've started dozens of seedlings using Anastasia's recommended methods, but since there have still been threats of frost, they are still growing in plastic bins and old microwave entree dishes under artificial fluorescent plant lighting. The city has provided me with free truckloads of compost and mulch which neighbors have been helping themselves to (uninvited), apparently under the assumption that it was placed there for everyone's use.

I did not wish to get upset or cause discontent in the community, so I placed multilingual signs attempting to explain that they were basically stealing from charity, but the "thefts" continued anyway. Fortunately, the parks and recreation department was very understanding and just delivered more (much more), so there will continue to be peace (at least in regard to the garden) in this violent, drug-infested neighborhood, and no squabbling over a miniscule thing like soil. After all, who can get upset over someone simply wishing to beautify their own "spaces of love"?

Plenty of work, sweat, toil, and love ahead in this project, and I'm looking forward to a "fruitful" community project :)


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