Thursday, July 16, 2009

The humble beginnings of this garden has prompted me to come up with a name that is befitting to it's creation. While attempting to generate a name that included it's location, the obvious choice was to use the street names somehow, so given Central Park and 2nd streets, and the use of recycled materials, and the "make-over" effect it seems to be having on the neighborhood, I've decided to call it "2nd chance park".

Some time has elapsed since these pics were taken, but the plot next to the tire WAS a bunch of mounds with taters ready to grow... until the squirrels found them all and whisked them away, but there's still kohlrabi and a few other survivor plants... I think it was too early to do potatoes anyway, and this way I'll get to build a squirrel-proof, stackable set-up out of tires and chicken wire... more on that later on...

The blue tarps are my attempt to capture the ripening mulberries, which worked swimmingly until the first torrential rainstorm... i was able to harvest quite a large amount of them and froze them, but wasn't able to set up any meaningful distribution for them (yet). The experience has given me some creative ideas for future harvests, as well as using the entire rear fenceline for a rainwater collection system that can double as a berry catcher. Perhaps then, I can set up something to inform people to come get them and eat them!

I'm basically going to just keep posting pics now...

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