Thursday, May 7, 2009

Welcome Friends of Anastasia one and all!

I've been working with another attendee from the Ringing Cedars Seminar back in March 2009 to come up with a central point for sharing our thoughts and progress in the creation of our Kin's Domains... the first one was a google group that seemed sort of cold and primitive, while this venue looks to be possibly a bit more favorable?

As a test, i'm going to attach a picture of the lot I will be tranforming into a community garden here in Rochester, NY

Fingers crossed..



  1. Welcome aboard Tang! Not sure how folks can add stuff of their own here though other than comments :(

    At least we can have discussions, and I suppose if someone had something to post, they could e-mail it to me and I could post it as a new topic?

    We'll have to learn as we go along I guess!


  2. Brian,

    This is all good. It's inspiring to see the photos and to know that things are moving forward in a horticulturally positive direction. I'll bookmark the site and chime in occasionally.


    Jack Suss